nothing venture, nothing gain

nothing venture, nothing gain
A variant of the next proverb (nothing venture, nothing have). Cf. late 14th-cent. Fr. qui onques rien n’enprist riens n’achieva, he who never undertook anything never achieved anything; 1481 CAXTON Reynard (1880) xii. He that will wynne he muste laboure and auenture.

1624 T. HEYWOOD Captives IV. i. I see hee that nought venters, nothinge gaynes.

1668 C. SEDLEY Mulberry Garden III. ii. Who ever caught any thing With a naked hook? nothing venture, nothing Win.

1876 BLACKMORE Cripps III. iv. We must all have been in France..if—well, never mind. Nothing venture, nothing win.

1967 D. MORRIS Naked Ape iv. For him [the withdrawn individual] the old saying: ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ has been rewritten: ‘Nothing ventured, nothing lost’.

1979 A. PRICE Tomorrow’s Ghost vii. That was decidedly interesting—‘And Pearson Cole?’ Nothing venture, nothing gain.

1990 R. D. EDWARDS English School of Murder vi. ‘I’d need a little training before I could take on a proper class.’ ‘Nonsense, old man,’ cried Rich. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained.’

2001 Washington Times 15 Dec. B2 Though there are no guarantees, it does seem sad that a chance at true love was stillborn because one of the parties had low self-esteem. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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